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Time to build 2.5 weeks.

Case Study .

Driphead World is an immersive virtual storefront that host a marketplace connected to Shopify to buy clothing, casino for games and discounts, and a virtual stage for livestreams.. < visit site. Driphead. GOAL.


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Minecraft, meet Shopify Make your own world in 3 steps. 2. Add your shopify store and upload your content. 1. Choose from over 30 templates.

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Metabeach successfully drew in >900 visitors their opening month. The 3D world continues to help drive engagement to their space and reinforce the studio's story.


The beta launch has been visited by over 5,500 unique visitors since launching last month and continues to be a primary outlet for storytelling the driphead brand. Temple Magazine created their own 3d models in VR using Gravity Sketch.



Lil Yamaha's lounge has doubled its traffic each month since launching in June. The 3D world continues to engage her audience and foster community for token holders. Loho learned Blender and character design to fill Planet Zippa with all custom assets.


The lounge blocks off access to exclusive content, merch, and songs for its community of token holders through the muse token gating feature.



Augier used photogrammetry apps such as Polycam to create 3d models from site-specific locations tovirtually build the world they physically live within. The virtual world reinforces Augier's mission to auction fine art pieces that come with digital certificates of physical ownership.




Donny adds new worlds daily. Follow his twitter handle to be first to discover a new world!

Inspiration center.

Donny Ruinard has compiled 100's of 3D websites built by muse creators into one inspiration center..