aRiceChikun, a 3D World built by aRiceChikun


This is a 3D World built with Muse. You are likely seeing this text if you are a robot, are using a screen reader, or have an outdated browser. We hope this provides enough information and context to still navigate the 3D World.


If u would like to support this artist. But is too busy tiktok-ing rn. Email me, she deserves it. Mmm... Pizza🍕.



NGL, those fire eyes make me jelly. This sushi showed me It is a very cool sushi. Cute ass sushi. My 1st mint. Get a sushi. Pharoah20.

Buy me.

Save the ocean.


We Like the Art. To rugs. Say no.


Mint one(or 20!).

Fortune Tigers NFT.

If it looks weird, I probably made it.


I prefer this one.

Because orange. Pretti 2024.


Tell me more!

My first 'NFT'.

I like the art. Circa 2001.

Floor art by Pretti.

Made possible by Bitcoin & MSPAINT. &long stretches of internet outage. 0x0rtaz =).