Baily's Beads 2023, a 3D World built by Natalie


This is a 3D World built with Muse. You are likely seeing this text if you are a robot, are using a screen reader, or have an outdated browser. We hope this provides enough information and context to still navigate the 3D World.


Pull < Christine Troll Acrylic Paint. Baggage Christine Troll > Acrylic Paint.

Losing Oneself Natalie Mix Photography.

Melting of Colors Allison Larrabee Acrylic Paint. Too Much Emotion Allison Larrabee Acrylic Paint.


The Wise Woman Meredith Lang Photography.


Sisters Natalie Mix Mixed Media.

Don't Run with Scissors Kameo Chambers Watercolor.


Image On This Wall May Be Triggering To Some Proximity Sensor Will Show Image. Bathroom Nights Janelis Duran Mixed Media.

Stuck in Hell Allison Larrabee Acrylic Paint. Pain Behind The Calm Allison Larrabee Graphite.

Winning Identity Piece.

The Path of Self Discovery Mik Mortimer Digital Graphic Design. She Will Take Up Space Meredith Lang Photography.

One Piece of the Whole Meredith Lang Photography. Vanitas Kameo Chambers Watercolor.

A Year in COVID Natalie Mix > Photograhpy. Internal Struggles <Christine Troll Acrylic Paint.

Rainforest Kameo Chambers Watercolors.

Me Stephanie Eaton Mixed Media.

The Rat Kameo Chambers Mixed Media. Legend Kameo Chambers Mixed Media.

Dot Transformantion Devin Moultrie Vector Art.