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Disco Vault : Gallery being built by own of The Builder which showcases, the art, history, and stories of the world in a very interactive and visual fashion. Tales from Neo-Miami by @raptors | Certified Card Holder | Certified Card Holder : Amazing Story from the best Story Writer.


All Story About to Start Here,.

Amber VHS - Fly Me To The Moon Song. Disco Solars Exclusive Forum. Amber VHS - Let's Dance. Official Lore and Data. Official Website. Neo-Miami News. Star-Maps. FAQ.


Neo-miami journal.

Calvin (@0141), the co-founder of ADA Handle, an important member of the disco fam, and a very respected member of the Cardano Community, will be officially joining us as an advisor! Neo Miami Journal is an ethnographic series providing a critical analysis of the community and culture emerging in and around the Disco Solaris NFT project. Disco Solars andthe importance of stories article. The Brewclub.


Charles PFP moved to multi-sig ­čöą Will be tokenized via (likely) Fracada by @dcspark_io. Jael , The One Who drive community And Made $Discoin By Charles Nft (Values 125k ADA). $Discoin Tokenomic.

Mini-Game made by our disco @rico.

Rumors from inside the dome of Neo-Miami and the world of @discosolaris. Neo-Miami Conspiraciesds. Neo Miami: Genesis by.

Magicmarm youtube channel.

Twitter Space Every Friday night by : Mayor Grancho. Update and analysis CNFT Weekly. Set Reminder. Lasted vid.


The Vandal.

This a @discosolaris fanart I dubbed as vandalism. I take Disco pfp headshots and draw. Feel free to request & also feel free to donate to adahandle $fxxk. The Tales of 2372 follows a regular citizen of Neo Miami and his strange encounters in a material dystopian world. Enter Gallery. Enter website.

Disco Solaris Salesbot by Jael Cartel.


NMTV Entertainment­č¬É.

Moonlight Radio 57.7 @Moonlight57_7 Follows you ­č¬ÉCommunity-driven Radio Station of Neo Miami @discosolaris ­č¬É.


Listen Music !

5777Records is here to publish your music in #NeoMiami. After strict orders by |REDACTED| we take no responsibility for your rights. "I'm NIDO, I make music from what inspires me. My style originates from synthwave/EDM, I call it Nidowave!". Official website.


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Community Decide to wearing Charles mask on they PFP in Twitter Space.