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Yuusuke Urameshi Fan art.

Old world Oriole, second of my Exotics birds collection.


John Wick Painted portrait. Done with handmade VR Oil painting software, the same technique I use to paint my patreons potraits.

Making of timelapse.


These are his first paintings from the Exotic Birds collection. I was told there will be limited to 10.

Warframe - Titania prime Second of my abstract warframes collection. Warframe - Ember First of my abstract warframes collection. Scarlet Macaw, first of my Exotic Birds Collection.

Radiohead's leadsinger Thom Yorke. Art based amidst The Bends - Hail to the Thief era. Watch the making of on the link below. Do you wanna know how the process is done? Watch the video from the painting beside. Portrait painted in oil using VR simulated progam.



I love YuYu Hakusho and Warframe!

Hello there visitor, that's me in the painting. Just a demonstration of my oil painted portraits, you can order one too. Just contact me on instagram or email. Have a good one!


Important message! New gallery inaugurated now, this one'll not be updated anymore, I'll be exhibiting new painting at my new gallery.


Batman fan-art, my first painting, no shame in exposing my humble beginnings and I still have a long way to go. The Black Swordsman An ode to Kentaro Miura and his amazing world of Berserk..




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P/ quem mora no Brasil você também pode doar via pix: 097.817.216-77 . Gabriel Ferreira. Ou Picpay no link ao lado. Muito obrigado por qualquer que seja a contribuição! You are awesome! I appreciate :). Thank you!


Raziel. Main character from the Soul Reaver Franchise. Making of below.


I kindly ask you to read it : ).

There's a very important message on the wall.