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Come closer to see!

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GLF Climate 2022 Hybrid Conference: Frontiers of Change.

Jennifer Pryce and Ravi Prabhu: "Can stewardship economies be a climate game changer?".

Explore this virtual gallery to revisit the event from the comfort of your home!

Dr. Cle Anne Gabriel: "Reimagining our commodities ”.

GLF Photo Competition, 2nd Floor.

GLF Climate audience cam + Behind the scenes at GLF Climate.

GLF Climate Digital Gallery.

Sônia Guajajara on Indigenous Peoples at COP27.

More keynote speech video.

Climate solutions: All you need to know.

Read our full report from GLF Climate 2022.


Key Reports and Presentations.


Shamim Zawadi: “Let us give the planet a seat at the table.”.

Landscapes for our Future.


#GLFClimate Photo Competition Summary.

What does climate change look like?