Muse's World, a 3D World built by Mort


This is a 3D World built with Muse. You are likely seeing this text if you are a robot, are using a screen reader, or have an outdated browser. We hope this provides enough information and context to still navigate the 3D World.


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Muse allows anyone to build 3D websites that feel like immersive virtual worlds..

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The founders, Alex and Ben, started Muse because they were bored of building the same static websites over and over again..

Since launching in August 2021, our websites are used by over 5000 creators. Notable creators include Creature World, Chad Knight, Kaskade, and A$AP Rocky..

All of this success was built by our team, Veltson, Steven, Alex, and Ben. Keep walking and explore the rooms ahead to learn more about us..

Steven Howard- Head of 3D Modeling and Templates.

Ayo! My name is Steven. I'm an avid skateboarder, ceramicist, and traveler. Learning all things 3D has been my latest muse. :).


Why do you like working at Muse? Friends rather than coworkers, building rather than working, and brainstorming sessions rather than zoom meetings. Muse is quite literally my dream job.

Veltson Bastien - Head of Partnership Development.

I'm a coder, musician, and aviation enthusiast. I love all things technical and love to immerse myself in that world in any type of way.



Alexander Shortt - Founder/CTO Muse.

Hey I’m Alex, a founder and CTO of Muse. I really enjoy listening to music, playing video games, and making visual art.

Benjamin Ha - Founder/CEO Muse.

Hi, my name is Ben. I am a founder and CEO of Muse. On my free time, I like to surf, experiment and cook new dishes, and play VR and PC games. May try to go pro in Onward …. Who knows. :).


We took this picture right after demo day. This could be you!.


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