The Sketchbook.NFT, a 3D World built by Matt


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Note: This is a prototype build. Please feel free to give feedback as development continues. A Collection of pieces by Matthew Chukwueke. The Sketchbook.NFT. Click for service. Send Feedback.


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Wow, a mysterious portal to another dimension has appeared... Shall we go there? To Lorewood.


I like it.

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Wow, a mysterious portal to another dimension has appeared... Shall we go there? To Lands of Fire.


Check upstairs to see other projects I'm building!

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Welcome to the special features area! Here you can see projects being worked on by myself and other featured creators.

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Hi, welcome to "The Sketchbook" by Matthew Chukwueke. Lorebrary.


Early Preview of Visual Bacchanalia.

Click on the center of the globe to explore other projects I'm building! Other projects I'm building in 3D.


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Sneak peeks of my work with JPEG.

`\_(" )_/` ¯IDK what to call this yet...


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A portal to another world? Wonder where it leads... Check out my latest news & updates over on Twitter!


Area under development.

Sometimes I wonder.

If I could see into others' imagination. Well, I guess these are just thoughts. What worlds would I see?

That's great!

A goal of mine as an artist is to improve and learn more about 3D modeling; so that my art feels like it's jumping off the page!

Go to Lands of Fire.

Currently featured in the muse HQ, this is a preview of Lands of Fire, an upcoming web comic being authored by Mikhael Fenelon.

Sneak peeks of my work with Visual Bacchanalia.