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Here you can find all sorts of information about Jasandip. Take a look around!

Welcome to my portfolio, take a look around!

This is me, Jasandip Singh. I was born and raised in The Netherlands.

I work part time doing Uber Eats. You can schedule your hours by yourself. You are independent, so that means you're your own boss! I like to play games, go outdoor with my friends, listen to music, watching movies, doing sports and travel across the globe.

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CV Part 1!

CV Part 2!

Gatka is a form of martial art associated primarily with the Sikhs of the Punjab. You'll be educated by watching this awesome video clip. Enjoy!

In our country we speak Punjabi, a language that is around 5500 years old. It is respectively one of the most spoken languages in the world!

My parents are from Punjab, India. It is a well known province where you will find people with all sorts of different background. That's the beauty of it, we stay united!

This is our religious flag. It was created by our Tenth Master (prophet) to stand against tyranny and oppression.