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Step 1 to O-Y-E: Join UGZ Discord!

This iz Ultimate Gamerz. U-Game? Launch ur streaming career! Earn $$, play in tournaments, watch live streams and more!

Become a streamer-> Create a brand -> Create a lifestyle-> Create an NFT--> Own Your Energy :) O-Y-E.

Grab all your social media fans/friends, and have them tune in to watch you stream!


Step 3 to O-Y-E: Create a hive account.

Want to own your content? Joining hive gives you that ability!

Vimm powers Ultimate Gamerz...

;) Ready to go?

Go to discord.

Are you a Fortnite Expert, or a 2k Legend?

Ready to be a global gamer?!

Step 2 to BYOE: Create a 3spak account.

What is "3S"? 3speak.tv is a DECENTRALIZED site where streamers can post their UGZ streams and earn $$$ for thir content! So Cool!!

Create your own avatar. The more you play, the more you earn, the better you can outfit your avatar and increase abilities!